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How it works?

Upload Product

An important aspect of starting an Online Business is adding and listing your products.

Shop By Customer

Your store products will be purchased by different types of customers all over the UAE.

Get Paid

Get paid on each successfull order with Farah.



We follow a reseller pricing strategy.

Vendor or seller has to give a mutually agreed discounted price to us and we sell with our margin.

It is as simple as that.

Seller Features


It will display toal product count, revenue, product count, order history, month and daywise report.

Product Management

You can add products to the Farah Marketplace catalog one at a time.

Order Management

When your products purchased by customer you will get order information in order management.

Email Support

You can send an email about your business at any time.

Easy Profile Settings

You can update your name, email, address, delivery locations any time.

Offer Management

Add new offer on occasions. You can filter offers by name, date, type etc.


Get monthly or yearly report on your orders. Filter data by purchase date, customer name.


We will notify you whenever admin send notification about news or specific offers

Technical Support

You can reach out our support team for any qauetions, feedbacks or improvisation.

Screenshots - Seller Panel